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Cedar Accountancy is run and owned by Paul, Jenny and Sasha Buzzard and is based in North Cornwall and the Forest of Dean.

Paul is an extremely well qualified Chartered Public and Finance Accountant – he is a Qualified Member of both the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and the Chartered Institute of Public and Financial Accountants.

He is also a Licensed Independent Examiner, Licensed Tax Adviser and Chartered IT Professional. He is a past UK Learner of the Year for Vocational Awards and in 2008 was awarded the AAT Past Presidents' Award for outstanding contributions to charity accounting and to the reputation of the AAT. He holds the following charity qualification: CIPFA Certificate in Charity Finance and Accounting, Association of Charity Independent Examiners Certificate in Charity Accounting and the London South Bank University’s Postgraduate Diploma in Charity Finance. Jenny and Jake are qualified bookkeepers.

Personal Service

They advise each client on an individual basis, as each business is as individual as its owner. They will happily see clients out of office hours. The charge for a tax return includes support for a year.


Charity and Schools Specialist

With previous educational background, Paul Buzzard has an in-depth knowledge of school finances. Paul has worked as both a trustee and treasurer of a number of key charities.


Fully Insured

Cedar Accountancy has professional public indemnity insurance with Trafalgar House.

For more information why not contact them:

Tel: 07568 520 370‬ / 01840 230739 / 01594 834133

Email: paul.buzzard@cedaraccountancy.co.uk

Email: jenny.buzzard@cedaraccountancy.co.uk

Email: sasha.buzzard@cedaraccountancy.co.uk

Email: jenny.carney@cedaraccountancy.co.uk

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Tel: 07568 520 370‬ / 01840 230739 / 01594 834133

Email: paul.buzzard@cedaraccountancy.co.uk

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